Top 7 Negative Effects of Technology on Education

Have you every thought what are the negative effects of technology on education? Technology can do miracles if used appropriately, and ruin if not.

This rule applies to anything. Do you know about a knife? This can be used to cut an apple or to hurt a person. How strange? The same can be said for technology. It has both pros and cons.

1. No Library

It seems library has become a thing of the past. Nobody likes to visit library thanks to technology. People don’t try to use their brain rather they make use of Google.

Reading a book in hstudents-dont-use-library-due-to-technologyard copy gives a sense of maturity. You can feel the page, the aroma. In this way, your eyes remain unaffected because the dangerous

In this way, your eyes remain unaffected because the dangerous rays coming from your smartphone or laptop might cause harmful to your brain.

2. Isolation

Latest technology like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are playing a major role in isolating a person from the environment.

Then the same person on social media posts, “Feeling Alone”. Of course, he will feel isolated when he will not communicate, interact and talk with the people they know.

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It happens only when you are not connected with them. Be connected in a real world, not the digital.

3. Lack of Social Skills

Due to technology, people don’t have social skills. They spend most of their time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


They don’t go outside for playing with their friends. Playing a game on a laptop makes idle. Due to the same reason, obesity is increasing in the world.

When the people don’t communicate and interact with other people, then they can’t build self-confidence that is important for being a leader in any field.

4. Depression

Depression has common among the people who use the internet regularly. They feel jealous when they see a post of a friend who has got some achievement that causes depression.

People are depressed by not getting so many likes and comments on a post. That is an anther negative effect of technology on education because when the student is depressed he will not able to concentrate on studies.depressed-child-due-to-technology

5. Poor Sleep Habits

Students are not able to sleep for the sufficient length of time that is making them lazy. It might be the root cause because when they don’t get enough sleep, they can’t concentrate on their studies.

Getting a sleep of 6 to 8 hours is important otherwise the brain doesn’t work well. It needs rest, but people don’t let it relax. The eight-hour sleep is a myth.

6. Addiction

Students have become addicted to smartphones so much as that they can’t get rid of. Technology has become an essential part of their life as if it is a part of their body.

Students play their favorite even the teacher is delivering a lecture. They check social media notifications after every minute that ruined the focus, concentration and aim of life.

7. Coward

A student who doesn’t have experience of the external world except living in a room, how he will be able to understand the life in a true sense.addiction-due-to-tecnology-and-effect-on-education

And how you can imagine, he will be able to fight with the present situations of the world.

In the modern world, a company doesn’t want only an education rather social skills, communication skills, listening skills, and team management skills that technology has become a big hindrance in getting the skills that make a person successful.

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