Top 5 Free Themes For Android (You Wish You Knew Earlier)

In this age of technology, everybody wants to keep himself updated to the trend either it is in the form of fashion or buying a new smartphone. It’s the psychology of a man what we like, its impression after some days goes away. It means you buy an Android smartphone, and after some days or months, you don’t like to keep the same theme, it means you need more free themes for Android smartphone you have.

Our subconscious mind wants to try something new. That’s why we love adventure movies and adventurous people as well as new themes.

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Here we go:

1. Launcher iPhone Theme for Android

iPhone 6s iOS

Have you become tired of using Android OS, and want to experience something amazing? It’s time to experience the taste of iPhone OS in your smartphones.

“You don’t need to buy an iPhone to experience its OS, the developers have made life easy”

It’s the same icons in its OS yoDownload APKu have been seeing on an iPhone. You will love it for sure.


2. Miracle GO Launcher Theme

The name suggests that it’s a miracle when it comes to showing the interface yMiracle GO Launcher Theme Interfaceou haven’t seen in your life. It’s a straightforward and clean interface.

“Simplicity has its own hidden greatness.”

You have to download Go Launcher on Play Store first in order to run it

What I like the most about is its simple, eye-catching icon. If your friend looks at the theme, he will say, are you using the latest Ubuntu operating system? YouAndroid_Download_Button will say, no dude, it’s a Miracle theme.


3. Tech 9 Theme

It’s the best theme as it’s the look that can impress your girlfriend as well as so Tech 9 theme interfacesweet and smooth icons that make it unique than any other theme in the market.

The background mountain picture gives it an appealing look and it more professional, perhaps for you, it’s one of the best free themes for Android phones and tablets.

“I really feel relaxed when i look at the theme”

Another thing that Download APKmakes the theme unique is the ability to mold itself according to your habits. It’s also tight security that will never allow a malware or virus to get on your beloved smartphone.

4. Sony Xperia M5 Theme

A lot of people wish to have the Xperia theme, now the free theme android is available for any of your smartphones to enjoy thDownload APKe experience that you never had in the past.

“Xperia theme is really attractive”

The blue background wallpaper looks really great. If you know, our brain loves the natural colors i.e., green because of the greenery of the planet and blue the sky color. It’s cool icons that make the theme really a great onSony Xperia M5 Theme interfacee.

5. Number 8 Theme

Some people are strange because they have become tired of using Android OS and iOWindows 8 like themeS both, then they search for a theme like Windows Phone. It’s not like that, but the square icons tell the whole story. I like his background. It also arranges your folder in an intelligent way as per your habits.

“when i want to make my friend laugh, i show him the internet explorer icon”



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