Top 3 Best Ad Blockers For Android (Of All Time)

In this modern age, nobody likes annoying ads running on your favorite browser because of interruptions they make. I have found the best Ad blockers for Android phones so that you don’t need to find any more on the internet.


1. Free Adblocker Browser

It’s considered the best ad blocker app for the Android smartphones. It eradicates the irritating Free Adblocker Browserads. The advantage is that it works on Google Chrome browser too unlike Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser).

It saves a lot of data, but how? It blocks ads even before it is downloaded from the browser. It is cool for those who have data limit problem.

I am sure after downloading this, you will never see ridiculous pop-ups again.

It alsoDownload App on Google Play Store blocks cookies from the third parties websites. It means it makes browsing surprisingly fast.

It is also helpful if you’re frustrated with video ads on Youtube or other video sharing sites, then this app is for you.

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2. Adblock Browser for Android

It’s another interesting app to do the work you need. It makes a user experience great so that you can read the news you love without any interruption or watching football matches online.

It also prevents Adblock Browser for Androidmalware and viruses to enter in your beloved smartphone.

If you love a site, and you want to support, you can this also with the help of this app. If you know, websites earn money by the ads you see. But some websites are strange; they don’t care about the users.

Some big websites that know the real value of a user like you that place a few ads so that you can enjoy the site.

The ad blockeDownload App on Google Play Storer initially was made for the desktop user then it felt the need to make for the android users. Here is the product for you.

Choose the best ad blocker as per you lifestyle, and enjoy the web surfing.

3. Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser)

Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser)

This ad block is made especially for Samsung devices. The reason is that Samsung has more than a market share of 22.5% (August) 2016 that is a huge percentage. It means if 100 smartphones are sold then 30 would be bought of Samsung. But Apple earns more profit than Samsung even its smartphones are not sold to such a number.

“It has downloaded over 400 million times and the market leader since 2006.”

When you use it Download App on Google Play Storein your Samsung Browser you will feel your battery life has improved as well as it will help in saving the data that otherwise is consumed from being seen the annoying ads.

Some ads may spread a virus in your smartphones, so it is the best practice to use it.


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