14 Insane Tips To Speed Up Windows 10: Step by Step Guide

With the passage of time, people are becoming lazy than ever before. They want everything in a hurry and love speed either it comes to running a software application or going to their friends with an airplane.

Windows 10 is the fastest operating system among all the operating systems created by Microsoft. With these tips, you can make more faster.

Don’t worry! Everything will be shown step by step with pictures so that you don’t need to find anything further on the internet for speeding up Windows 10.

I’ve compiled 14 tips, here we go.

1. Turn Off Notifications

Notifications that keep you updated for certain things make your Windows slow because they run in the background and take some extra RAM and resources.

Here is the step by step way how you can get rid of:

Step 1:

Click the Notification Icon as shown with the Yellow Arrow 1 below. Then click “All Setting”

Step 1 Click Notification Icon And Then Click ALL SETTING

Step 2:

Type “Notification” into the search bar.

All we need to disable all these notifications that make your system slow.

Step 2 - Type Notification Into Search Bar

Step 3:

Click “Notification & action settings” as shown in Step 2. Just disable “Get Notifications from apps and other sendersStep 3 - Off the Notifcations

Step 4:

Now again type “notification“, and select the third result “Choose how long notifications are shown for

Step 4 Select Choose how long notifcations are shown for

Step 5:

Turn off “Play animations in Windows” and “Show Windows Background
Step 4: Now again type "notification", and select the third result "Choose how long notifications are shown for"

Note: If you do off “Show Windows Background“, your background wallpapers will not show. Because the background wallpaper takes some RAM. If you love your wallpaper, you should not deactivate it.

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2. Disable Start-Up Unwanted Programs

There are many programs that run in the background, every time when you run your Windows 10. Some programs need to be ceased because they were born to make your computer slow.

Keep an eye on viruses run in the startup, deactivate them if possible uninstall or scan with an antivirus program.

All you need to stop via Task Manager.

Step 1:

Run Task Manager, right click anywhere in the taskbar.Step 1 Run Task Manager

Step 2:

Disable the programs that you seem that are making your PC slow. If you don’t know how to identify the programs, then restart your computer, and keep an eye on the programs that run in the background when your Windows starts.

Step-2 Disable Programs via Task Manager

3. Increase Virtual Memory Size

Windows 10 sets default value when you install Windows, but it’s better to set a new value.

You might be thinking what is the Windows 10 virtual memory recommended size if you have 8GB of RAM?

A nice question, indeed!

Some experts say Windows 10 adjusts your virtual memory to the best configuration as a default, but it’s not the case generally.

Some experts have made a formula so that you can adjust the virtual memory for the best efficiency.

Formula: 1.5 Multiply with the Amount of Your RAM

For example, if you have 8GB of RAM, your virtual memory recommended  size is 12GB (8×1.5=12)

Here is the step by step guide!

Step 1:

Open “My PC“. It’s a shortcut key “Ctrl+E” when you’re at the desktop.Then click “Properties

Step 1 Open Explore then Click Properties

Step 2:

It might seem complicated, but it’s easy to open. Click Advanced System Settings>Advanced>Settings>Advanced>Change

Step 2 - Open the Virtual Memory Tab

Step 3:

It’s time to set up the virtual memory. Keep the value that you get from the above-mentioned formula. The value that I’ve given in the below screenshot is for 4GB of RAM. Set. Ok. Restart

Step 3 Virtual Memory Set on a formula.jpg

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4. Deactivate Services

Windows 10 runs so many services in the background that are not shown in the startup menu of Task Manager

Here is the step by step way:

Step 1:

Press “Windows Key+X” or you can right click to run Control Panel as shown in the picture
Step 1 Open Control Panel

Step 2:

You have to select View by “Large Icons“, then open “Administrative Tools

Step 2 Large Icons, and Administrator Tools

Step 3:

Double-click “Services

Step 3 - Run Services

Step 4:

You can disable Windows Update because it takes some bandwidth and other system resources that make your PC slow.

Step 4 - Disable Windows Update

Step 5:

It’s the best thing that you can do to make your PC fast.

Whatever you do, or open a file, Windows 10 makes its index for fast searching. If you love speed, then stop it.

Step 5 - Disable Windows Search

5. Disable Visual Theme

If you really need a great performance in Windows 10, then it’s time to make your Windows 10 like 98.

Step 1

Right click, and click Personalize>Themes>Theme Settings
Step 1, Click Theme Settings

Step 2:

Select “High Contrast White“, your Windows will look as if you’re using Windows 95. 😀

Step 2 Click High Contrast White THeme for the Best Performance

6. Disable Effects

There are some effects that make your Windows looks cool but make your PC a little bit slow.

You can disable for a better performance so that your RAM and processor’s power are not get wasted.

Step 1:

Press Ctrl+R, then type “sysdm.cpl

Step 1 Enter Ctrl+R to Run

Step 2:

Go to Advanced>Settings>Visual Effects>Custom. Disable the options shown in the picture below. Advanced>Settings>Visual Effects>Custom.

Step 2 Disable the Visual Effects For Better Speed

7. Battery To Maximum Performance

If you’re using a laptop then Windows 10 wants to see your battery life for the maximum time, but your laptop is not configured for the best performance. You can set to maximum performance always or only when you plugged in your power cable.

Step 1:

Right click on your battery icon, then click “Power Options”

Step 1 Click Power Options

Step 2:

Click “Change plan settings

Step 2 Click Plan Setting

Step 3:

Go to Wireless Adapter Settings>Plugged in> Maximum Performance.

Step 3 Set to Maximum Performance

8. Clean Up Disk

Sometimes Windows runs so slow that it takes years to open an application. The best solution is that cleanup disk. Some temporary files are stored on your PC that makes your Windows slow. This software of Windows almost acts almost as same as CC Cleaner does.

Step 1:

Press Ctrl+R, and type “clearnmgr.exe

Step 1 Type cleanmgr.exe in RUN

Step 2:

Select the partition where your Windows is installed.

Step 2 Select Windows C to Clean Up

Step 3:

Delete the files that you really need.

Step 3 Clean the files that make your pc slow

9. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If you do a lot of browsing, download a lot of things, then you must have a lot of programs 🙂

There are some programs that run in the background for the sole purpose of spying, hacking or slowing your PC. Uninstall them.

Step 1:

Press “Windows Key+X” or you can right click to run Control Panel as shown in the picture
Step 1 Open Control Panel

Step 2:

Click View by “Category” then click “Uninstall a program”

Step 2 Uninstall a Program

Step 3:

Uninstall the program that you seem that you didn’t install or you have a little doubt that is not useful. Don’t uninstall your PC drivers.

 Step 3 Uninstall Unwanted Programs

10. Kill the Programs Via Task Manager

Task Manager is a powerful application of Windows that helps a lot for monitoring everything that makes your PC slow. It has a range of option that you can make use of speeding up your PC.

Run Task Manger via keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You can kill any program that is making your PC slow by right clicking and select End Task.


11. Uninstall Apps

Windows 10 is full of applications and apps, for speeding up more, you need to uninstall some apps that run in the background.

Step by step way get rid of this:

Step 1:

Click the Notification Icon as shown with the Yellow Arrow 1 below. Then click “All Setting”

Step 1 Click Notification Icon And Then Click ALL SETTING

Step 2:

Click System which has Display, notifications, apps, power options.

Step 3:

Click “Apps & Features“, and uninstall the apps.


12. Run Windows 10 With An SSD

Use SSD To Improve Windows 10 Speed

A solid-state drive (SSD) has no moving plate unlike an HDD (Hard Drive). It uses flash memory for delivering the data fast.

In simple words, an SSD has a faster reading and writing speed as compared to an HDD.

If you’re the person who uses a lot of programs or simply you’re a hard-core gamer, then the SSD is the best option for you.These are some reasons for being an SSD:

  • Your Windows and programs load really fast
  • Better gaming load speed
  • Easy installation and fast antivirus scanning

13. More RAM

RAM to speed up

I have seen many people complain that they are seeing slow speed in Windows 10 even after they have done everything that has been depicted here.

The problem is that they have a low RAM problem, all you need to check how much RAM is being used in the task manager.

More RAM will allow you do to more tasks at once. If you have 4GB of RAM, and you’re thinking If you do 256GB of RAM, my PC would be like a supercomputer – it’s not the case.

Increase your RAM for the result. Make sure which RAM you have to buy either DDR3 or DDR4.

14. Virus Elimination with an Antivirus

antivirus to remove virus to speed up

There are millions of viruses exist on the internet, if you’re attacked, your PC will become extremely slow because they assign a task to the computer do to something that eats your PC resources i.e., spying, hacking scripts running in the background to steal your credit card information.

It’s better to use original antiviruses, not from the pirated websites or torrents because they will give more harm than good.

I am a big fan of BitDefender that gives you a 90-day free trial, also gives you the best protection.

All you just need to give a valid email, a setup application will be sent, when you will download, activate with the email that you gave at the time of sign up.

Your 90 days of the trial will be activated.

By the way, nobody antivirus is perfect that gives you 100% guarantee from the virus prevention.

You need some precautions so that you can keep your PC safe. The  precautions are:

  • Don’t download software or movies pirated websites
  • Don’t use cracked version software
  • Don’t open a pen drive directly rather use tree Explorer
  • Don’t download anything that orders to install a tiny application to download that specific thing.

Final Thoughts

It’s not essential to do all these at once in order to speed up your Windows 10. You can adopt any of these ways that are suitable as per your PC configuration.

For example, if you have an Intel i7, you don’t really need to disable Visual Effect.

You can play with different settings. If you’re feeling that setting is not working or making your PC slow or no change, then enable the option again.

If you’re afraid, then you can make a restore point. In case, you feel any bad impact due to the setting, you will be able to bring your PC to the previous state.

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