How to Completely Delete Facebook ID [Pictures+Video]

Facebook doesn’t provide you the quick way to delete an account. You have to use your mind in order to delete your account. The times come when you want to delete your account due to privacy reasons, someone is harassing you, or it’s killing your time.

In such situations, you have to get rid of the Facebook account in order to bring your life back and enhance productivity.

Before digging into the topic you must have knowledge the difference between deactivating the account and deleting the account.

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When you deactivate your account:

  • You can run Facebook again whenever you want by activating. You just have to put your username and password in order to surf again.
  • People will not be able to see your timeline on Facebook even not search for you.
  • Those messages will be visible to people who you have sent.
  • Your data is saved in case you activate.

When you delete your account:

  • Your account will never come back as it was the case with deactivating.
  • It will take 90 days to delete all your data.
  • Your data will be saved on Facebook serves, but you will not able to get.
  • If you log in during this period, your deleting request will be canceled.

Deactivating an account is a piece of cake by going to setting, security tab, select the deactivate your account.



Go to

 How to Delete Facebook Account First Step, Click Delete my Account

Step 2:

Click “Delete My Account”, and done. Wait for 90 days until your account is deleted permanently. If you try to log in your account in this time frame, your account request will be canceled.

Delete Account In Action (Video)


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