Future of Android OS: Everything You Need to Know

Nobody can directly tell about the future of Android OS but can be said something by proving the information based on statics.

The future of Android is dazzling as compared to its competitors when it comes to comparing its competitors.

If you know that Google Search Engine, the owner of Android, will be the dominate search engines even in the next century thanks to its advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for making the search engine: the best.

What does it show? The parent company of Android, Google, is very active because they know the future of Android because Google needs information of everything. Such billionaire companies know everything that you do, but you shouldn’t worry about your privacy anymore.

Android Vs iOS Infographics

Currently, in 2016, Google Search Engine has a market share of 70% in the USA. The same goes Android that has 83.1% market share in operating systems.

Apple is far behind the game, only 11.7% market share.

Market Share Android vs iOS

By the way, the data shown above, you can imagine Android is the winner. It would take decades, perhaps, centuries for Apple to dominate its iOS.

If you check the total number of apps on Google Play Store, you can imagine that there were only 1 million apps in July 2013, now it’s surpassed 2.6 million apps as of December 2016.

If you look at the iOS store, it’s 2 million apps as of June 2016.

Why? Is it the case?

The reasons might be that the number of Android smartphones are greater than Apple, and they are incredibly cheap. Developers are more interested in making apps for Android OS so that they can get millions of apps download.

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Android has so much flexibility that it can adjust to anything as it’s like water. If you put water into a glass, it becomes a glass. Here are two things where Android OS is used:

  • Self-Driving Cars

Who doesn’t know about the self-driving cars? These are the cars that have the abilty to sense its environment and can navigate without a human being.

Driverless cars are the future of the world, in many cars their Dashboard is made of Android. It shows the potential and the prowess of Android.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future that has a lot of ability to change the view of the world. It will alter the world as if the invention of the wheel revolutionize the world.

In many of the software applications, Android is being used and will be used in the future because of open source quality.

Due to AI, the productivity of a company has increased to a greater extent because it saves a lot of time. Time is money!

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