Best Pop Up Blocker for Chrome with Proofs

Finding the best pop up blocker for Chrome is really hard for some people because a lot of extensions are available on the internet, and they don’t know which is the best.

After looking at many pop up blockers, I say Adblock Plus is the best pop-up blocker.

Adblock Plus - The Best Pop Up Blocker for Google Chrome


Step 1:install-adblock-plus

Go to Google Webstore and write “Adblock Plus” into the box field or directly go there by clicking here in order to download on your browser.

Step 2:

Now click “Add To Chrome”. You have to wait a few seconds. When it’s installed, you can enjoy.



It’s got the amazing rating of 4.5 from the 116624. You can read one of the best reviews on its official Google Web Store.


As you can see, it’s the review written 2 years ago. You can read the latest review also.

50 Million People

It’s been downloaded by 50 million people (since the writing of this article). It means 50 million people can’t be wrong. When such a large number of people give 4.5 rating, it becomes more trustworthy.

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It protects you from malware websites because many pop-ups contain malware that injects something suspicious to your PC, when it is affected, your secret information can be used in  order to buy thing from your credit card.

It stops ads from Facebook, Youtube as well as from any website you visit.

It also stops from being tracked from the third party websites. In this way, you can protect your privacy in a better way.

Save Data

If you’re using the internet that has some limited data, you can make use of Adblock Plus to save your data. The strange and annoying ads don’t show up, in this way, your data can be saved.


It has the ability to stop many types of ads.

  1. It can stop the animated ads, most such ads contain malware.
  2. It stops the audios that play automatically
  3. It’s the master of stopping, pop-ups and pop-unders.
  4. Facebooks ads.
  5. Youtube ads.

Support Your Site

There are some websites with which you have fallen in love, you want to support the sites with a donation, but you can’t. At least, you can unblock the site, and support it.

Open Source

If you’re familiar with the word open source, you know the power of it. Many volunteers around the world contribute to make Adblock Plus the best pop up and ads blocker. Open source applications are powerful because it’s updated regularly and a lot of people help to bring the changes in it.


We can say it’s the best pop-up blockers due to its advanced technology to protect ads, Youtube ads, Facebook ads and from many third party websites. Due to its good reviews, open source oriented, acceptance of a site, varieties, and save data have become the extension the best among all.

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