Best Free Antivirus for Android 2016 With App Download Link

Deciding the best free antivirus for Android seems one of the hardest jobs because not a single thing on this planet is perfect even a man or a machine. The same cannot be said for antivirus because a lot of viruses come into being and many antiviruses cannot detect.

But nobody can deny that some antiviruses do a great job when it comes to eradicating trojan, malware or viruses.

Here you will ask this question?


It is, perhaps, it would be always! There are some reasons because of that it has become the best among all the antiviruses that have been made for Android.


Who doesn’t know about AV-TEST organization that has made its name in the internet world? If you don’t know, then Wikipedia says

AV-TEST is an indeAV-TEST LOGOpendent organization which evaluates and rates antivirus and security suite software for Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems, according to a variety of criteria.

This is one of the trusted sources for getting the best antivirus, that’s why people trust its rating system either for the Windows version or Android versions.


It provides the best protection as compared to its competitors and it has the ability to remove a virus in real-time. It means it will kill it itself as it finds, you will not need to open the app then scan then remove.

Have you ever visited of this free antivirus for Andriod on Wikipedia, you will come to know that the company came into being in 1995.


AV-TEST used about 3,787 samples of viruses to check its performance. It got the amazing result of 99.9% detection which is pretty great.

It was also checked from the malware samples from the last 4 weeks as it updates ranking every month upon testing.


It doesn’t affect your battery life as all other apps do. As it is a general perception of people that antivirus or anti trojan and malware apps slow down your smartphone.

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That’s why people don’t install antivirus on their computer as well as smartphones. If you belong to the same class, you should change your perception.

Your Android phone will run as smoothly as it runs without the app. In simple words, your smartphone will not slow.


The app has some amazing features which are the followings:

Call Block: You can block a call from any number. Some people act like a virus in your life, perhaps, the same feature was introduced to eradicate them also.

Message Filter: You can filter your message or even your Gmail for undesirable content.

Secure Browsing: There are millions of websites on the internet that are toxic. This free antivirus app would help you for this type of threat.

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Backup: You can backup your personal data to your SD-Card even Google Drive.

Parental Control: In this case, you can observe your children. You can check their activities on their smartphone.


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