8 Reasons Why I love Android 7 Nougat

It’s rightly said every person likes his own thing. The thing you like, perhaps, the other person might not like. There are many reasons as our subconscious mind has different love map for everything either it comes to falling in love with a girl or a song you like. 😀


With every new release of Android version, more features come out than ever before. Without a new interface or a new look, it doesn’t make a thing new. We love to see different things in our life with the ever changing color of everything that we have seen before.

Here are the things I love:


Who doesn’t love multitasking when we run our favorite apps on our laptop? It was impossible some years ago, but now the new OS has made it easy. You can run your favorite apps at the same time, i.e., if you’re watching a movie on your phone and you want to watch how many goals your favorite team has done, you can take a glance of it without closing the app you’re running.

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Gaming Experience:

The biggest thing that I prefer over iOS is the gaming experience. It supports Vulkanâ„¢ API that can show the details and graphics of a game beyond your imagination. It seems you have got a gaming mobile; I know mobile hardware plays an influential role, but OS does a lot as it is a case with Windows 10 that shows great graphics of everything when we compare with Windows Vista.


Virtual reality is becoming more realistic with every release of Android. Because developers know virtual reality is the future of gaming and movie. With the new Android 7, you seem you have come to a new world as it has become easier to come to the world of VR.


I am a lover of emoji as I send to my friends in a message. It shows the emotions I have at that time. Nougat did a great job for that. It has added 1500 emoji; it means more fun with my friends.

Longer Battery:

Everybody likes a longer battery. Operating System plays an essential role in making a battery life of a smartphone – some make shorter and some longer. Nougat has made life longer by making the OS optimized. Now it consumes less power so that it can save your smartphone’s life.

Notification Improvement:

The best thing, which makes the OS stands out from the crowd, is the advanced and beautiful notification ability. You can reply to your beloved one without opening any app. You can also customize your titles too as per your lifestyle. You can make the look of your smartphone even more amazing.

Font Size:

Sometimes you want to increase the size of the font while messaging, but you have to go to the setting, now you can do it without going there.


Security is paramount in the modern era; that’s why the latest version is equipped with the things that make it more secure. Till now, a lot of vulnerabilities have been discovered, and the latest version eradicates them. It is a better idea to keep the OS up to date . Otherwise, you might get into hot water.

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