3 Uses of Graphics Card In Laptop

A Graphics card is the most interesting part of a laptop that makes for you everything that you love to see – a movie, cat gif, and games.

Without a graphics card in a laptop, it would become as if you have a high-end PC with no monitor. Without it, your operating system will no longer work

How does it work? An example from the practical life. Suppose at your home there is an art room. Whenever a member of your family needs an image for turning it into real life, he goes to the room and the member makes for him.

The same happens to a video card, when an image is requested, the CPU sends the information to the video card to make the image to be seen on the monitor.

Can you imagine your life without your eyes that have the most high-end graphics because of its amazing nature to see the world in 3-dimensions in astonishing graphics? I know you can’t. The same goes for the video card in your laptop.

There are many uses, but here I depict only 3.


1. Watch Visual Things

The word “graphics” itself means “picture.” Whatever you watch from your laptop even you’re reading this article from your laptop; your card is helping to make it happen for you in the background.

man watching a movie

Then it depends on many factors. Either you’re watching a low-quality video that any laptop can handle or Blu-ray video that has a size more than a 10GB mostly. For this, you need dedicated graphics card otherwise regular laptops have integrated card i.e., Intel.

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2. Playing Games

For playing games especially high-end games a dedicated graphics card – GTX 1080 is one of the most powerful dedicated graphics cards – is a must because it has more cores and transistors that help in making a game to be displayed amazing.

an XBOX controller for playing games


3. 3D Software

Some people are so much advanced they use 3D software in order to make things. They software are AutoCard, Cinema 4D and After Effects etc. These software applications greatly depend on a graphics card when you’re making a piece of art from your beloved portable computer.

The stronger the card you have, the more it looks real.


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